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about us

mrly was founded in december 2016 by kyoko seki and trevor potulski. after spending a combined nineteen years in fashion retail at abercrombie & fitch, they each decided it was time for a new adventure. in august 2016, on a business trip to hong kong, they discussed the future and their hopes and dreams. upon realizing that they both aspired to build their own business, kyoko and trevor decided that, rather than continue dreaming, they were going to do something about it. over the next few months, they discussed various ideas for a business. finally, after the birth of trevor’s second child in october, it became clear to them both. they decided to combine their experience in fashion retail with their love and passion for their children and build a clothing brand for kids. from there, mrly [pronounced MAHR-lee], an acronym for the initials of their four kids, was born.

trevor was born in euclid, ohio and graduated from euclid high school in 2004.  he moved to columbus,ohio in 2004 and received his degree in marketing from the ohio state university fisher college of business in 2008.  he now lives in gahanna, ohio with his wife, lauren, and their two kids, madden and leighton.

kyoko was born in kagoshima, japan and moved to worthington,ohio in 1998 when she was fifteen.  she graduated from thomas worthington high school in 2001 and received her degree in fashion design from columbus college of art and design in 2005.  she now lives in columbus,ohio with her husband, keita, and their two kids, yui and rin.